Angie W.

Community Development Coordinator

  • Angie

Angie walker is a go-getter who thrives on taking on challenges, and projects that help humanity. She's originally from Toronto, Canada but now resides in Chicago, USA for the last 6 years. She has always been driven, and passionate about being of service and helping others.

Angie's a Licensed Massage therapist, and energy healer for 15 years, over 20 years of experience in modeling internationally, and acting for TV & Film. She has led, organized, and managed multiple events for fundraising, and other events involving art, talent and music in different venues in Toronto and Chicago.

Angie's volunteer work ranges from volunteer massage at a women's shelter, winter clothing, and food drives for unhoused people, creating programs for food Insecurities, neighborhood clean ups, community events and multiple trips to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to help orphanages with food supplies, and re-building.

She has a profound passion in helping humanity, and is currently in school for Non-profit Management at the University of Chicago. Angie is driven by her sense of compassion, and empathy in helping others, and bringing people together to heal each other and the world around us.

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