sarah Ford

Founder | Executive Director

  • Sarah

Sarah Ford is a community leader & business architect with an executive MBA in Organizational behavior. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah is currently living in Chicago where her passion for community, wellness, and innovative concepts inspired her to create Woke Chicago in early 2020.


Woke Chicago leverages community partnerships to create wellness access in neighborhoods of color and low-income. The organization has shared physical and mental wellness instruction with more than 700 students in West and Southside communities through yoga & mindfulness focused P.E. classes & after-school programs in CPS.  Woke is now an official partner with Chicago Public Schools - poised & ready to impact more students in West & South Side communities this fall & BEYOND.


In her free time, Sarah leads with love in all things including baking, leading high-energy workout classes, and empowering women through digital storytelling