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“I started Woke mid-pandemic as our world was reeling from the murders of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor. I felt overwhelming grief and turned to yoga/mindfulness to help me cope. As my mental health improved, I began to reflect on the alarming number of COVID deaths within the African-American community mostly due to pre-existing conditions stemming from a lack of access to care. I wanted to help change future outcomes for our people & help shine a light on this issue. During the summer of 2020 lockdown, it became my focus to share accessible yoga classes with more BIPOC people and also activate the entire community in this social justice work,” Sarah Ford, Founder & Executive Director of Woke Chicago

Event Line-Up


8:45 AM - Arrive at 141 Diversey Parkway

9:00 AM - Mindfulness Walk Begins

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Guided Mindfulness Walk with Activities to Promote Mental & Physical Wellness

10:15 AM - 45 Minute Community Yoga Class

11:00 AM - Mutual Appreciation: Thank You for Walking and We Would Love to Mingle and Get to Know You Better

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