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Camila G.

Community Yoga Instructor

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I graduated from Communications at UFRJ and started my career in business. 


In 2008 I moved to San Diego to do a 9-month Business Management certification program at UCSD and work with Marketing, but little I knew that the Universe had a much bigger plan for my life.


In 2009 I started my Yoga journey while I was living in Encinitas, and became a member of the Self Realization Fellowship, where I started learning and practicing meditation. Soon after that, I met my Yoga family at the Anahata Studio, where I experienced the real Unity of the word Yoga, and where I got my Teachers Training certification, in 2010.


My 9-month plan to stay in California became a 6-year beautiful inward and outward adventure, which totally changed the path of my life, and who I am today.


So much has happened in the last decade. Moved back to Rio, started a family, had two beautiful children, lived in Buenos Aires, and now we've been in Chicago for 2 years.


While I've been dedicating my life mostly to my family in the last years, the teachings of Yoga have followed me and helped me in so many ways, and that's the reason why I love to help people with this knowledge that I'm constantly learning and studying. 


As I remind myself everyday of the importance of these teachings, and try to apply them daily, despite the difficulties and challenges, I feel that this is my mission in this life. Whenever I am in this world, I try to find time and space to help others while I help myself. 


Right now, Woke has been this safe space for me, where I find a way to listen, learn, give and receive.

Camila guides mindfulness programs for K-12 students in West Side communities.

Camila G.
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