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Diana H.

Community Yoga Instructor

Diana is an avid traveler.  She loves everything beautiful in this world.  She is a highly curiosity individual who enjoys learning about cultural education, history, food, and people.  She believes in a full health approach to life; mentally, physically, and spiritually, to thrive living a beautiful life. She is passionate to make the world a better place one day at a time. 


Diana found yoga in 2021 in Costa Rica during her first yoga retreat ever. Exhausted from her high-pressure working environment, she took the program without putting too much plan or research (which is an outlier in her personality).


The yoga retreat experience impacted her profoundly and led her to sign up at the nearest yoga studio. Curious at heart she practiced yoga daily ever since. Noticing the growth and wanting to learn more, she embarked on a journey of 200 hrs. YTT with Kootenay Yoga School where she learned in-depth about yoga principles and body mechanics (a subject she is fond of considering her mechanical engineering background).


“I found yoga to be the tool to listen to oneself, being aware and conscious of the physical body, feeling, and our mind.” Eager to share her finding and continue her journey in yoga she decided to teach and be a student at the same time.


“My wish is for everyone searching for themselves to find themselves and realize they have everything they are looking for inside them”.


To complement her well-being journey, Diana took a nutrition science from Stanford University. Certified, she practices it with herself, close friends, and family. Diana speaks English, Indonesian, and partial “broken” Spanish.  A dog lover, especially English bulldogs as she is a Bulldog’s Mum. 


She is currently on sabbatical leave from her Engineering profession in Oil & Gas.


Trained for Vinyasa and Hatha, Diana emphasizes correct posture in her yoga style, “yoga posture should be firm, stable, and yet comfortable, relaxing at the same time”. Invigorating and therapeutic interpretations of yoga flow are something you will experience in her class.

Diana H.
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